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Unofficial Snow Play Areas / Sledding Hills

Highway 108 Long Barn Sledding HillEdit

A clearing on the side of highway 108, with a partially bald hill. Lots of people stop on the side of the highway here when there's snow. On a popular day the hill can be packed with people. You park on the side of the highway so you have to be careful getting in and out.

Altitude: 5400 ft


At the end of the passing lane near Forest Rte 3N87, California 95335. In-between Long Barn and Cold Springs.

Latitude: 38.132538 Longitude: -120.098156

Pinecrest Lake Beach AreaEdit

During the winter the Pinecrest Lake mostly disappears, when it snows this makes for a large open bowl shaped play area. Parking is available and restrooms are open during the winter. It's technically possible to sled in this area, because there is a gradient, but it wouldn't qualify as a hill.

Old Pinecrest SchoolEdit

The location of the now defunct Pinecrest School is an area where people often gather for snow play. However, this area is private property, so it shouldn't be used.



Pinecrest Lake Rd, Pinecrest, CA 95364

Latitude: 38.192792 Longitude: -119.994006

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