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Unofficial Snow Play Areas / Sledding Hills

Highway 108 Long Barn Sledding HillEdit

A clearing on the side of highway 108, with a partially bald hill. Lots of people stop on the side of the highway here when there's snow. On a popular day the hill can be packed with people. You park on the side of the highway so you have to be careful getting in and out.

Altitude: 5400 ft


At the end of the passing lane near Forest Rte 3N87, California 95335. In-between Long Barn and Cold Springs.

Latitude: 38.132538 Longitude: -120.098156

Pinecrest Lake Beach AreaEdit

During the winter the Pinecrest Lake mostly disappears, when it snows this makes for a large open bowl shaped play area. Parking is available and restrooms are open during the winter. It's technically possible to sled in this area, because there is a gradient, but it wouldn't qualify as a hill.

Pros: Bathrooms, Parking

Cons: Can be crowded, mostly flat

Other possible areasEdit

Shadow of the Mi-Wok Trail Area

Pros: Good parking at the ranger station

Cons: Marshy flat area may be flooded underneath the snow. Forest Service website says its closed in the winter.

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